Reception to Year 8

A registered charity providing a skills framework for junior & senior schools.

The PSB is an assessment model that has at its heart the development of the values, skills, attitudes and behaviours required for children to succeed and flourish in an ever changing world. Children are encouraged, recognised and celebrated in their achievements, and directly prepared for the next step of their educational journey.

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What is the PSB?

A programme of study for children that aims to prepare them for the challenges of life as young adults in senior schools academically, personally, socially, culturally and spiritually. It does so by actively developing and tracking knowledge, skills and attitudes.

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There are now over 40 junior and prep schools in the PSB and over 20 senior schools that work closely with the PSB, providing staff and resources for meetings. Additionally the majority of senior schools accept the PSB certificate for entry at 11+ / 13+ together with their own entrance tests or core ISEB examination papers.

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PSB Schools

A number of senior schools are Associates who work with the PSB to monitor and advise at moderation meetings.

All member schools provide Leaders who have a key role in moderation and inter-school liaison.

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The PSB focuses on life long skills that:

• Develop flexible and adaptable intelligence
• Bridge the skills gap previously lacking in a content based curriculum
• Foster application in the individual
• Promote excellent communicators
• Challenge pupils’ perceptions of school
• Inspire a love of learning
• Ensure collaboration and teamwork are at the core






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Our schools

The PSB has grown to 40 schools in 2022, all of which offer in different ways excellence with their provision.