The PSB model is supported by senior schools throughout the UK. Pupils studying in Years 7 & 8 are expected to offer either a school’s own entrance tests plus the PSB certificate, core ISEB examinations in English, Maths, Science and French plus the PSB certificate or just the certificate.

Pupils studying in Years 5&6 have a similar range of options for entry and 11+.

To discover if the senior school you are considering accepts the PSB please contact the General Secretary who liaises with senior schools.

"As a new member of PSB one of the greatest benefits has been the ability to recognise and accredit all subjects under the assessment umbrella.

A wider range of assessments throughout the year to produce the PSB grades including examinations, coursework, teacher assessment, and effort grades has been a very positive move away from the traditional one-off terminal assessments of the summer term.

Staff have been free to indulge their subject passions, foreshadowing and complementing upcoming GCSE topics, whilst inspiring the children with some amazing project work.

Senior schools have been pleased to accept PSB candidates and have commented on the quality of the provision.

Freedom to choose how best to plan and deliver the curriculum has been fantastic."

Adam Walliker, Head, St Edmund’s School

“Our job, as educators, is to prepare our pupils to enter the world around them, equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel. What characteristics would we like Edgeburians to possess? Resilience, open-mindedness, independence, curiosity, to be good team players, and to be kind, all spring to mind. As we continue through the ever changing 21st century we need to ensure that our curriculum and ethos around learning are fit for purpose.
It is clear to us at Edgeborough that knowledge-based learning and fact retention, whilst having a place within education, are not sufficient on their own. Following the Edgeborough PSB framework that has skills running through all aspects of school life, allows knowledge to be built around these core threads. A holistic approach leads to greater understanding of curriculum content, as well as producing happy, all-rounders who can navigate their future.
Giving the children opportunities to thrive outside the classroom, to question, to make mistakes, delve deeper into topics, and to value all subjects equally, allows for true growth as well as a realisation that every individual has talent. That is truly something to be celebrated”.

Alice Toynton – Head of Science and PSB Lead, Edgeborough School

“Cranleigh is strongly in favour of an education that is holistic, rigorously academic and teaches children to think beyond the test. Our experience of children who have taken the PSB is one in which they are not only well prepared but remain fresh and willing to learn as they have not spent their last terms drilling for exams. Indeed, our top academic scholar last year came from a PSB school.”


"The inclusive nature of the PSB enables us to deliver a comprehensive educational experience for our Senior Prep pupils here at St Ed’s. It also helps better guide our pupils towards making the right choices for their I/GCSE options through the well-rounded programme we are now able to offer."

Dr Nicholas Roberts, St Edmund’s School, Hindhead. PSB Lead

“Having taught and examined at both GCSE and A-Level, and experienced the disastrous over dependence on external snapshot examinations I am committed to the development of an improved educational offering. I am thankful that PSB has provided a framework that helps us to move on from regurgitation of knowledge to thinking skills and wisdom. We no longer just disseminate our knowledge of the past but teach our students how to use thinking skills so they can have the wisdom to deal with the complex problems of the present and future. Continued examination of subjects is inevitable, but we must do this in a way that blends retention of information with the ability to illustrate judgement and understanding. The PSB offers the framework to do just this, it provides a committed approach to learning where pupils use higher-order cognitive skills to master academic content, work collaboratively, think and interact critically, and actively with the content”

Jo Hendriksen – Deputy Head (Curriculum), Edgeborough School

“It is a very good initiative. I fully support it.”

Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire

“We are very happy to endorse the Prep School Baccalaureate as a framework for entry to Malvern College and, indeed, to regard it as a stand-alone qualification for matriculation to us.”

Malvern College

“Senior schools like Marlborough are increasingly interested in the whole process of the balance between teaching and learning. This suits modern global syllabuses and the Prep School Baccalaureate is broad in its scope thereby leading to the prospect of a truly balanced education.”

Marlborough College

“We see this programme as a very positive step forward in Prep School education.”

Millfield School

"He completed his essay, and actually really enjoyed the PSPQ Symposium session on Friday afternoon. He's since said he wished he could have done more to go around the essay, as the others did - graphics, a video or some other visual support - and that he wished he'd done that earlier. So as well as now having learnt how to structure and approach a big project, he has, very importantly, learnt that procrastination and avoiding the problem in the hope it'll go away don't work (wish I'd learned that at 13)!

Years ago, when we discussed what we wanted our children to receive through their education in conjunction with what we could teach them at home, it was really important to us that they learn life skills and character development as well as academic facts and figures - and you at Pennthorpe help deliver this over and over again. The PSPQ project is a classic example of this."