Introduction to the PSB Program

The PSB is a program for private and state school pupils with exit points at 11+ and 13+. Its goal is to prepare young adults for senior schools, covering academic, personal, social, cultural, and spiritual aspects.

Approach and Collaboration

Developing from the Early Years Foundation Stage, PSB actively tracks knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Schools collaborate, sharing resources and practices to ensure strong preparation for 11+, 13+ transitions, or progression within senior school departments.

Unique Framework and Purpose

Distinct from the International Baccalaureate, PSB offers a comprehensive assessment framework, providing a complete pupil achievement record. This collaboration stems from leading UK preparatory schools.

Benefits and Skill Focus

PSB empowers prep schools with rigorous academics and a balanced curriculum. It promotes skills like independent learning, technology use, critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork.

Membership and Integration

Interested schools contact General Secretary James Barnes to explore joining PSB. Schools can participate, and those aspiring for membership start as partners, gradually integrating PSB within their curriculum. Successful integration leads to course initiation in Years 5 & 7, culminating in certificates in Years 6 & 8.