In 2007 The Beacon, Amersham, under Michael Spinney’s leadership, introduced the Beacon Certificate of Achievement (BCA) to replace Common Entrance courses in Year 7 and Year 8. In 2009 Moorlands School, led by John Davies, took the same decision, establishing their own distinctive course, the Moorlands Diploma, albeit to the same end. Both schools have enjoyed very considerable support from both parents and senior schools. They have now merged their courses to create a tried and tested basis for the PSB.

In January 2012 The Beacon and Moorlands were joined by Taunton Prep School and Yateley Manor to form the initial Pilot Group for PSB.

Take a look at our PSB video explaining a bit about what we do.

Preparatory work was done by a PSB working group that was formed in 2010 with representatives from the Independent Schools’ Examinations Board (ISEB), St. Edward’s Oxford, Wellington College, Marlborough College, Charterhouse, Moorlands School (Leeds), Lambrook, The Hawthorns and Eagle House. During the 2010-11 academic year the PSB project group framed the principles that underpin the framework outlined below.

The Pilot Group of PSB schools was formed in January 2012. After a successful Pilot Schools year the PSB programme is now in place and operational.

In 2018 the PSB officially became a registered charity.

In 2022 The Learning Skills Trust was created to incorporate both the PSB and the SDF (the Skills Development Framework, our senior school initiative).